It’s time to change İstanbul Event 2019

Daniel Klein Group hosted its international distributors in Istanbul with its 'It’s time to change' meeting held in Hilton Istanbul between 7-10 July.

Daniel Klein Group, one of the leading firms in Turkish watch industry, hosted its international distributors to promote its latest collection ahead of Hong Kong 2019 fair. During the 4-day event, all the business partners were informed about R&D investments in production, as well as Daniel Klein Group's working principles for major changes during and after sales.

As a part of the event held at Hilton Garden Inn, the participants had fun and were briefed about new models and goods in detail.

Delivering an inaugural address, Ercan Çevik, the chairman of the board at Daniel Klein Group, gave a briefing about new production investments, delivery process, presales and aftersales services to the business partners in detail. Citing a new epoch of transformation, Mr. Çevik shared with the participantsthe services and strategies developed with the investments and innovations they have made within the company in thsi process.

The presentation delivered by Muzaffer Çevik, the international marketing manager of Daniel Klein Group, about new pricing and service policy to be offered to distributors authorized in more than 80 countries for brands within the body of the company attracted the interest of all the participants.

With the presentation of the new Hong Kong 2019 collection after the seminar, the distributors who gathered for dinner spared no effort to take a closer look at the new watches. The latest collection of Daniel Klein Group, which offers business partners in the event an unlimited number of colors and stocks upon an early order, managed to be spoken highly of.

Produced with an accessible style approach, Daniel Klein's new collection was displayed for the partners with many color and make options to be favored by the young and dynamic age group in particular. In addition, this year, the Premium, Trendy, D-time, D-two and DKLN series were widely acclaimed as a part of the collection. Making a new breakthrough, Smart Watch series were introduced to all the participants by Daniel Klein Group.

Freelook's new collection highlights the elegance, poshness and femininity, which are favored by women with a unique and chic style.

For the brand Bigotti; a collection has been designed, which reflects modern and urban European men with a unique vibe, quality and style.

For men who pursue a sporty and a chic style at the same time for their everyday look, Sergio Tacchini and Santa Barbara Polo Racquet & Club offer scores of priceless watches.

The guests attending to the event submitted a request for an appointment over 3 days, and lined up for a pre-order of the new collection.

In the Gala dinner held on the 3rd day of the 4-day event, 'best sales performance' awards were given to the successful distributors based on sales performances. Additionally, all the distributors of the event were awarded with a plaque of appreciation.

The award ceremony was followed by an entertaining performance by Murat Kaynak and his orchestra to let the guests have some fun.

Making a statement in the name of Daniel Klein Group following the successful and heavily-attended event, Mr. Çevik, the chairman of the board, said that they would continue to gather their current and potential business partners at such seminars.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Çevik noted that they were a big family and they kept growing day by day, and expressed his gratitude to all the business partners.

Relying on the motto "fashion for everyone" since its inception, Daniel Klein has grown into a popular brand. Carving out a name for itself under the title of Daniel Klein, the group has penetrated into 80 global markets where distributors operate on its behalf, and sold 3 million Daniel Klein watches so far. The group, which also own the brands Bigotti and Freelook, serves as a global licensor for Santa Barbara Polo Racquet & Club and Sergio Tacchini.