Bigotti Milano

Italian style and design approach..

Bigotti is, in fact, a brand that embodies the competitiveness inherent in all men, regardless of their socio-economic status. The brand has a character that ‘wants to do well in whatever it does, successful, self-inspired, passionate and wishes to live well’. In spite of the fact that in Bigotti collections, which are shaped by the Italian style and design approach, mainly men’s products are presented, products for women who share the same philosophy of life are also featured. Bigotti always strives to bring out the best by the products which are unique, qualified and esthetically pleasing for each piece.

Reveal Your Best

Always aiming to reveal the best in its production approach and collection, Bigotti is relaunching a new campaign that encourages its users to experience the best in their lives. In the campaign, within the framework of the motto of ‘Reveal your best’, it underlines a unique philosophy of life with the understanding of ‘‘whatever you do, do your best, create your best and live your best”. Thus, it carries the production process of its products into the lives of its users.

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