Daniel Klein

Being in the watch industry since 1998, Daniel Klein is one of the most successful and popular brands in the industry, selling 1 watch every minute at 18,000 point of sales in 85 countries around the world. Until today, it has sold millions of watches with the motto of ‘Fashion for everyone’ and the claim of offering a product appealing everyone. Daniel Klein, who has achieved great success with his unique, high quality, affordable and wide range collections, will continue to make an impact all over the world with its new brand image that ‘creates its own time’.

It’s Your Time

Daniel Klein, which until today has produced a variety of collections tailored to every budget, audience and taste, is running a new relaunch campaign with the motto ‘It’s Your Time’ in line with its concept of self-life despite everyone and everything. Through this positioning focused not on showing off, but on showing itself, the brand turns into a timepiece projecting and complementing the user around insights such as doing the right thing, not wasting money, expressing yourself as you wish and living the time the way you want.

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