Freelook Paris

Born in 1999 in Paris

Born in 1999 in Paris, that is, in the very heart of the fashion world, the Freelook brand soon became a favorite of women, achieving to be the best-selling accessory in American stores within 5 years. Inspired by urban French women, the brand shines out as the perfect fusion of French fashion and the women’s world with its original, high quality and elegant models.

A Compliment That Completes You

Reaching out to women with flattering expressions of femininity instead of using epithets such as successful, strong and equal, as has been the general practice in recent years, Freelook comes to the forefront with a new campaign centering on the understanding that ‘Just as a watch is a woman’s complementary accessory, beautiful expressions are the complement of a woman’s soul’. Inspired by the change that beautiful expressions create in women, the brand offers a rich collection designed to complement women of all ages and walks of life.

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