DANIEL KLEIN GROUP; Inhorgenta took its place at the Munich Fair!

Daniel Klein Group took its place at Europe’s famous Watch and Accessories Fair Inhorgenta with its leading brands of the watch industry: Daniel Klein, Bigotti, Freelook, Sergio Tacchini and Santa Barbara Polo Racquet Club.

Daniel Klein Group presented its Fall24 Collection at the Fair, which took place between 16-19 February and included world-famous watch and accessory brands. Participating in the Fair with models suitable for all ages and styles, with affordable prices and a wide collection, the Group company left behind a very successful Fair. Daniel Klein Group met with visitors and investors at the Fair, which was held with more than 25,000 participants from more than 90 countries.

The brand achieved the goal they set at the end of the four-day event. He stated that they had a successful fair.

About Daniel Klein Group: Experience is the main source of knowledge It was founded as a family company in 1971, on the path we set out with the belief that As of 2013, Daniel Klein Group, our global company based in Hong Kong, was established. It continues its operations both abroad and domestically with more than 1000 employees in its offices and factories based in Turkey and Hong Kong. With the philosophy of “We produce watches for everyone”, the brand is proud to become a company that sells 1 watch every minute in the world and sells more than 4 million watches a year. Daniel Klein continues his services as the owner of the Freelook and Bigotti brands, as the world licensor of Sergio Tacchini and Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, and as distributor in more than 85 countries around the world.